Click here to nominate a Power Attorney 2014
Power Lawyers General Qualifications: Minority attorneys who have risen to the top of their chosen field or area of practice. Examples include, general counsel, deputy general counsel, law school deans, law firm managing partners, and legal nonprofit heads. Deadline

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50 Under 50 Law Professors General Qualifications – Minority law professors who are 50 years of age or younger and are making a significant contribution to the legal canon and community.

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Women With Wisdom General Qualifications: Minority female attorneys who have risen to the top of their chosen field or area of practice. They are in-house senior attorneys, law firm partners, judges, elected officials, and public servants.

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Hot List: General Qualifications: Minority junior- and mid-level lawyers who have achieved
prominence and distinction in their fields of endeavor—be it the practice of law, academia, business, civic and charitable affairs, the judiciary, or politics—and who have demonstrated a strong commitment to advancing diversity in the legal profession.

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Top Lobbyists & Influencers General Qualifications: Minority political influencers who are serving their clients’ interests well on Capitol Hill. Influence may be garnered through a mastery of a specific policy area or undeniable access to policy makers. These individuals may head associations or be involved in private practice. Influencers are well-regarded by peers, legislators and staffers. Note: There is no requirement that these individuals be practicing attorneys though they must have graduated from law school.

Click here to nominate a B4 Attorney 2014
B4 Lawyers General Qualifications – The founding or managing partner of a minority-owned firm. These attorneys may have complex litigation practices known for million dollar settlements and jury awards or they may handle a high-volume of personal injury cases or manage high profile defense trials. The B4 recognizes attorneys in every state. We will salute the best attorneys in Florida and Georgia, as well as those in Alaska and Wyoming.