Local Leaders (Van Davis Turner, Jr.)

Name:  Van Davis Turner, Jr.

Hometown:  Memphis, Tennessee

Currently residing in:  Memphis, Tennessee

Undergraduate:  Morehouse College

Law School:  University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

What is your favorite social networking site?  Linked In

Who is your favorite fictional lawyer?  Atticus Finch

What song best conveys your legal philosophy?  ”Superstar” Lupe Fiasco

What is your favorite reality show?  Survivor

What is the quality you most admire in a lawyer?  Logic

What vice will best serve you as a lawyer?  Workaholic

What is your dream job?  Billionaire investor and world traveler

What nonlegal book would you recommend all lawyers read?  The Secret
Who is your legal hero?  Johnnie Cochran

What legal precedent do you most despise?  Any case law upholding portions of the Patriot Act which gut the Fourth Amendment

What legal reform has benefited you the most?  1964 Civil Rights Act and its progeny

What is your motto?  You are what you believe

In what legal organization are you most involved?  National Bar
Association-Ben F. Jones

Chapter Title?  President

In 100 words or less, tell us about your organization’s mission and recent accomplishments?  The organization’s mission is to give voice to the concerns and needs of African-American judges and attorneys in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.  Recently, we supported a program which placed high school students in paid summer internships at law offices and departments throughout Memphis.  We also assisted with the recent appointments of appellate judges in Tennessee and sponsored buses to Louisiana for Jena Six.  During the recent 2008 presidential election, we assisted with voter registration, protection and restoration.

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